Function: Strategy

Barbados Tourism: Changing Seasonal Patterns

In Barbados, the so-called ‘winter’ season that falls between December
and March is considered to be the peak time of the year for tourist
arrivals. Businesses and policymakers structure their policies and
operations to capitalise on the expected surge in arrivals during that
period. But what if the long-held views on Barbados’ tourists seasons
were wrong? What if seasonality trends had changed? Our research
suggests that seasonal trends in tourist arrivals have been evolving and
these traditional notions of the tourist season in Barbados may need to
be revised.

Understanding Payment Trends

Understanding Payment Trends Aim of the Project In Barbados, consumers can pay for goods and services using cash, debit cards, credit cards, cheques, or direct debits (automated payments) from their bank account or online services that link to their credit/debit cards. Our client wanted to understand why the use of certain payment methods was declining …

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