Tired of spending time and money to go nowhere? We can help your transformation efforts gain real traction.

Most Transformations Fail and the Root Cause Is Often Something Invisible

As a full service business advisory firm specialising in the management of invisible assets, Antilles Economics helps organisations transform by reimagining who they are, what they do and how they do it. We can help you ensure that your transformation efforts yield their intended outcomes, regardless of how big or small a change you need to make, by focusing on the true linchpins of success: invisible assets.

Our approach comprises of three interconnected disciplines – unearthing insights, developing strategies and supporting lasting transformations – to ensure that our clients are deliberate in their change efforts and tightly control their evolution.


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Lead Your Market

It is no surprise that the world’s leading strategists all have a background in economics. The team at AE combine economics with our various business disciplines to look ahead, understand business drivers and anticipate and influence customer and competitor reactions. And, we can apply our technical expertise to help you shape your strategy. Examples of this work could include:

Corporate Strategy Development

Scenario Planning and Forecasting

Business Plan Development

Defining Purpose and Values

Strategy Execution Reporting

Market Feasibility Studies

Strategic Alignment

Competitive Analysis

Some of the Problems We Solve

How do we transform our organisation?

How do we align the work of all of our teams to support the strategy?

How do we execute our strategy effectively?

How do we remain relevant in the face of intense external pressures?

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Connect With Your Customers

To design solutions that build emotional connections with your customers – whether in the form of new products, marketing campaigns or in person experiences – you first have to know them. From the development of customer personas to mapping customer journeys to evaluating their satisfaction with your products and services, we can help.  Examples of this work could include:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Consumer Trends Tracking

Customer Personas Development

Customer Needs Assessments

Voice of the Customer Programmes

Customer Experience Design

Channel Evaluation

Customer Journey Mapping

Some of the Problems We Solve

How do we develop and optimise delivery channels to improve customer satisfaction?

How do we align our business to remain relevant in the face of changing consumer trends?

How do we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services?

How do we move beyond merely satisfied customers to emotionally connected customers?


Activate Your Brand

Your brand is more than your logo. And it can do more for your organisation than simply make it easier for customers to identify you in a line up. Strong brands seem to have a life of their own, with personalities easily recognisable to the public and experiences that separate them from their peers. We can help you activate your brand so it comes to life and becomes a part of your customers’ lives. Examples of this work could include:

Brand Strategy

Brand Book Development

Brand Assessments

Brand Valuations

Attitudes and Usage Studies

Target Market Definition

Communication Testing

Employer Brand Strengthening

Some of the Problems We Solve

How do we establish a clear market position?

How do we create an employer brand that attracts the best talent?

How do we assess the strength of our brand?

How do we ensure alignment of our marketing plan with strategic goals?

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Develop a High Performance Team

Getting the most out of your people is hard, isn’t it? We know we can’t help with every day-to-day HR decision. What we can do is critically analyse data and unearth the insights that help you make better, more strategically aligned people-related decisions. Our work extends across every stage of the employee lifecycle to ensure you create the ecosystem for success. Examples of this work could include:

Strategic Workforce Planning

Organisational Alignment

Change Readiness Assessments

Recruitment Process Design

Change Management Programmes

Employee Engagement Surveys

Succession Planning

Culture Assessments

Some of the Problems We Solve

How do we leverage talent to better differentiate ourself in the market?

How do we resolve the disconnect between the workforce and the corporate strategy?

How do we retain high quality and high potential talent?

How do we improve change management initiatives that are not yielding the desired benefits?

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