Achieve your strategic goals by employing our three-dimensional approach to leveraging your invisible assets.

You're Not Typical. We Aren't Either.

You know you can’t continue how you have been and achieve the success that you want for your organisation. But your challenges are not easy ones to overcome. Your market is small. Unit costs are high. Funds are limited. Market information is next to non existent. Not to mention a high proportion of your team is not truly invested in the future success of the organisation. We get it. We have studied small markets, supported clients operating in small markets and grown our firm – one that was unlike anything that existed before – in a small market. We can help.

How We Are Different


We focus on helping you leverage invisible assets

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Our three-dimensional approach ensures your strategy works


We offer HR, marketing, economics, strategy and research all under one roof

Leverage the Invisible

Can we tell you a secret? There are invisible forces at play in your organisation that can hurt or help your strategic endeavours. We believe that the key to sustainable success is to be deliberate in nurturing them into invisible assets.

Achieve Results

Our 3-Dimensional Approach

  • Unearth insights to make your invisible assets visible. Since invisible assets are, well, invisible, you have to do some work to be able to see them. We employ a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques to unearth insights, wherever they may be hiding.
  • Design a strategy to leverage your invisible assets. Most strategies don’t explicitly focus on building invisible assets. And that’s why they don’t work. We work with clients to design winning strategies that leverage their unique, differentiating invisible assets.
  • Build on your invisible asset foundation to engender a sustainable transformation. Executing a new strategy is a major transformation, and executing one built on invisible assets requires more than simply change management expertise. We have a comprehensive approach to partnering with clients through their transformation to ensure their assets not only remain assets, but truly underpin the strategic success of their organisation.

You're In Good Company

Our clients are determined to overcome the challenges associated with operating in small markets and know they have invisible assets that can compete with the best in the world.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Antilles Economics' research helped the Central Bank of Barbados to craft one of our MOST EFFECTIVE marketing campaigns ever.
NOVALINE BREWSTER, Public Relations Officer, Central Bank of Barbados
It was REFRESHING to be able to put a project of that size into their hands and not have to look back at it, knowing it would be completed to the highest possible standard.
JONATHAN LASHLEY, Fellow, Sir Arthur Institute for Social and Economic Studies
We really APPRECIATED THE CLARITY with which they presented the results, because we were able to focus straight on to the areas we needed to tackle internally.
DOMINIC DEFREITAS, Executive Director, Chickmont Foods Ltd.
We appreciate the STRATEGIC THINKING they have applied to every project and the ability to link the findings to our business needs.
TRACEY KNIGHT-LLOYD, VP Customer Experience, Sagicor General Insurance Inc.
We appreciate that THEY TOOK THE TIME to understand how the results would be used before they determined the methodology, which ensured that we could immediately the insights into our analysis and policy design.
BRYAN HAYNES, Chief Policy Analyst, Division of Energy, Government of Barbados
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Our Promise To You

We'll Add Value

We'll Create a Foundation for Impact

We'll Lend Our Expertise

We'll Be a True Partner

We have designed all of our products and services with one goal in mind: to reduce your organisation’s level of risk by enabling insight-driven decisions. Our clients therefore don’t need another box ticker. They need a strategic partner. A team that adds value to their organisation, anticipates their needs and helps them achieve their goals.

We know that you want your projects to not only be completed on time and on budget, but also to foster then impact you desire. Our work provides the foundation that you need to achieve that impact.

As experienced economists and analysts, we go beyond the traditional siloed approach to consulting and apply our unique combination of techniques and approaches to problem solving. By combining economics, market research and strategy, we glean richer insights, enabling us to craft more relevant recommendations.

No two projects are ever the same, so our solutions are never the same. We adapt and evolve as your projects adapt and evolve, ensuring that we continue to add value every step of the way.

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