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Introducing The Clear Strategy Approach

The Clear Strategy Approach helps you to design a strategy that …

... incorporates and addresses your organisation's realities and challenges, ...

Clarity of Context

... charts a bold, visionary and achievable future ...

Clarity of Direction

... and guides the day-to-day decisions of everyone on your team.

Clarity of Execution

Why Your Strategy Needs to Be Clear

Hi. It’s Stacia, Managing Director of Antilles Economics and the creator of the Clear Strategy Approach. I know websites are meant to be scannable and have a lot of pictures, but this is important so permit me to be a bit long winded here.

I have seen a lot of strategies in my two decades of working on national and corporate strategies, for governments, large companies and small mom and pop shops. In almost all cases they are too complicated and convoluted for anyone – sometimes even including the people who created them – to create any type of meaningful action plan. Over the course of practicing strategy design and execution, I have watched frameworks come and go, like fashion trends. I have witnessed plans that have no relationship with the strategy they were meant to execute. I have watched team members shrug their shoulders in confusion and continue as they always have, ignoring the strategy altogether.

I think it is safe to assume that this was not the goal. 

The ones that worked had one thing in common. They were clear. As clear as an equation that says 1 + 1 = 2. No extra stuff. 

I know you’re probably thinking … duh. But ask yourself, are you clear enough to say what your strategy for your organisation or your life is? Most of us aren’t, because there are so many opportunities, so many threats, so many moving parts, so many opinions. The result is what I think of as catch-all strategies. You know the ones. They tend to include goals like: best digital platform AND best in person customer experience AND best product assortment AND best delivery service AND the list goes on. When the times comes to put resources behind the actions to achieve these goals, either you end up being stretched so thin that none of them are achieved, or politics takes over the the loudest voices get the biggest shares.

About The Approach

Phase 1: Clarity of Context


  • Why you exist
  • Key external developments
  • Internal conditions

Phase 2: Clarity of Direction


  • Inspiring, bold vision
  • Operational alignment
  • Key initiatives

Phase 3: Clarity of Execution


  • Teams make mutually reinforcing decisions
  • Enabling infrastructure is in place
  • Invisible assets are nurtured and protected

Browse some of our diagnostic tools, which we have developed to support our own work helping clients design and execute strategies.

  • Insights-driven
  • Co-Created
  • Coherent

About The Approach

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