Insight-Driven Decision Making

Antilles Economics is a team of analysts and economists who solve problems by unearthing and leveraging insights.

We work
in the

Who we work with

If you share our belief that success comes through the
maximisation of insights, and you have little room for
error, you’re not alone. And we can help.

We work with governments, quasi-government
institutions, civil society and corporations throughout the
Caribbean to unearth and leverage the insights needed
to ensure maximum impact.

What Our Clients
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Why Antilles Economics

We’re not just market researchers. We’re not just economic consultants. We’re not just management
consultants. Because alone none of these can achieve the impact that a fusion of the three can. We’ve taken
the best of these three worlds to create a unique product and service offering that we have proven works.

Want proof that our approach works?

How We Work

Impact Consulting

We help governments, quasi-government institutions and civil society understand Caribbean realities,
anticipate changes to those realities and influence changes to those realities.

and national impact

Insights Consulting

Success in today’s markets means understanding trends, anticipating change and crafting a better response than your competitors. It means less standardisation and more customisation, even in what used to be mass markets. It means being attuned to your customers and solving their problems. It means cultivating engaged teams and leveraging their combined talents. To make all of that happen, you need insight.

Market and organisational impact

What's New


Do you need a new strategy?

It is that time of year when we are all shifting our focus to the upcoming year and starting annual strategic planning. There are two questions when considering your next steps in executing your strategy.
1. Do you have a strategy at all?
2. Is it a good one?
Your answer to these questions will determine how you proceed. Read our latest blog post for some tips on how to answer them.


Covid-19: Strategic Insights from the Caribbean C-Suite

Strategy is often about identifying the patterns within the invisible and taking calculated risks to take advantage of potential opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic has tested our resolve by disrupting our normal ways of doing business. In this article we introduce an upcoming set of interviews with senior leaders to discuss and garner inspiration from their strategic response to the global pandemic.


4 Reasons Why I Knew The Results of Your Engagement Survey Before You Even Started

With the needle appearing stucj on employee engagement, we discuss four key, but unspoken, reasons why organisations are struggling to get the most out of employee engagement surveys.

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