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Non-Traditional Offline Advertising Channels in Barbados – Do They Work?

The audience for non-traditional advertising channels has always been somewhat uncertain. In May 2018, as part of our Audience Analysis survey, Antilles Economics surveyed Barbadians to understand their exposure to, interest in and recall of advertisements on non-traditional channels. This SlideShare summarises the findings.

A Preliminary Look at the Mass Market, Mass Affluent and Wealthy in Barbados

This article is a first attempt at understanding the size and spending potential of the three main consumer markets in Barbados – the mass market, the mass affluent and the wealthy. Historically, companies seem to have defined their market somewhat intuitively. While approaching segmentation this way has some advantages, the main disadvantage is that it limits the ability to plan ahead. Without an understanding of how target markets are changing, companies will find themselves planning with the inherent assumption that the future will be similar to the present.

Understanding the Customer Experience Reactions of Millennials

In 2015, Antilles Economics and Blueprint Creative embarked on a study to understand how Barbadian customers reacted to positive and negative customer experiences as well as generally what they looked for when choosing the companies and brands they transacted with. We discovered that Millennials looked for the same basic attributes in the companies and brands they did business with as older generations, and they are no more or less sensitive to a brand’s reputation. Where they differ is that they complain less, are more willing to pay extra for excellent service, switch brands faster and are more likely to share their experiences, both good and bad, with others.

The Social, Economic and Demographic Characteristics of Barbadian Young Adults

The next population census for Barbados is due in two years in 2020. By this time, the oldest Millennials will be 40 years old, comfortably in the middle of adulthood. This article considers how young adulthood has changed between the 2000 and 2010 Population census in Barbados, focusing on differences in timing and degree. The main finding is that Young Adults in 2010 were delaying starting a family and getting married, possibly due to longer stints of formal education and higher probabilities of unemployment.

Snapshot of Barbadian Millennials on Social Media June 2017

84% of millennials are active on social media, and they are engaged. They don’t simply passively observe, they click on advertisements, the ‘like’ things, the comment and they post. This infographic outlines their top ten activities and their favorite social media platforms.

From the Minds of Marketers with Ron Johnson

In our third interview with influential marketers in the Caribbean, we speak with Ron Johnson, the Managing Director of Barbadian-based branding agency, Blueprint Creative. Blueprint Creative has a unique perspective on advertising, branding and marketing that Ron shares in this insightful interview.

From the Minds of Marketers with Giselle Carr

In our second interview with influential marketers in the Caribbean, we speak with Giselle Carr, Partner with Abovegroup. Founded in 2001, Abovegroup has grown to become one of the most respected and forward-thinking design consultancies in the region, with a reputation for the consistent delivery of beautiful, memorable solutions. Giselle conducts research into brand trends, market and industry developments, in order to develop invaluable insights and deliver smart solutions.

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