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What are dashboards?

AE Dashboards are a combination of graphs, tables and assumption reports designed to help busy executives stay on top of macroeconomic and industry developments. They are formatted to quickly deliver all of the information you need about current developments, and how those developments affect our outlook for the future.

By subscribing to our dashboards, you are accessing the latest forecasts of your country and industry from our team of experienced economists.¬†We have been forecasting for more than a decade, and have been trained on the job, academically and by specialty institutions like the International Monetary Fund. So you can rest assured that we have both the training and the experience to deliver insightful forecasts that can help you chart your organisation’s future.

What Do You Get When You Purchase Our Dashboards

  • Relevant Information

    Our dashboards present only what you need to stay on top of your economy/industry. So you don't have to worry about making sense of unnecessary data.

  • Up to Date Data

    When you receive our dashboards, they will reflect the latest data available

  • Assumption Reports

    Our assumption reports are our way of helping you follow our train of thought.

  • Cost Effective Solutions

    Subscribing to our dashboards is like having a chief economist at your beck and call. But they cost a fraction of the price, and you don't have to worry about providing benefits.

  • User-Friendly Formats

    Our dashboards can be accessed as pdfs, online and on your ipad.

  • Customisable to Your Needs

    We can create customisable dashboards, linking your company's performance to the expected performance of your economy and industry.

  • Evolving Forecasts

    The future is forever evolving and our forecasts do the same. We update our forecasts constantly to reflect any new information.

  • Value-Added Extras

    Clients can also access one-on-one briefings, we can present to your internal teams and we can help you prepare presentations.

Available Dashboards

  • Barbados General

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  • Barbados - Tourism

  • Barbados - Consumer Finance

  • Barbados - Labour Market

  • Barbados - Real Estate and Construction