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Frequently Asked Questions

Antilles Economics is a Barbados-based consultancy that helps organisations operating in the Caribbean make insight-driven decisions.  Please visit our home page for more information –

The Two Cents Board is an online community of consumers like you that are willing to share their opinions on brands and provide companies with insights into their lifestyles, attitudes, values and preferences.

As a board member, you will be invited to participate in 3-4 activities every month.  These activities include surveys, polls, online focus groups and games, and cover topics like preferred media, attitudes, lifestyles and opinions on brands. Each activity is only open for a short period of time, so we encourage you to check your preferred communication channels often to ensure you don’t miss your chance to earn more rewards.

Invitations to some activities will only be shared with participants who meet the pre-screening criteria of the research activity, such as gender, age, income, lifestyle preferences, etc. This means that from time to time, there may be activities that you or another member of the Two Cents Board would not be eligible to participate in.

Every 3-6 months we will conduct pulse checks on your satisfaction with the Two Cents Board, and every year you will be required to update your profile.

We will also conduct quality checks where we call participants randomly for more in-depth feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Periodically we remind our community members about important information like privacy, fraud suspicions and options to opt-out.

Each activity is allocated a certain number of points depending on its complexity. We will also have raffles and prize draws on occasion where you can win points and other prizes. Upon successful completion of the activity, those points are added to your account. You can use your points to purchase online gift vouchers or have the cash equivalent transferred to your bank account at any point. A minimum of 50 points is required before you can redeem them.

Unless an activity explicitly says so and you give us your signed permission to do so, we do not share your specific information with clients; they only receive collated results of everyone that participated in the activity.

By participating in the community, you will be helping Antilles Economics and our clients develop more relevant products and services. We will not sell your personal data or attempt to sell you anything. We will store the survey responses on our servers for 5 years.

All you need is an email address or cell phone number and a reliable internet connection. We strongly recommend that you have consistent access to an Internet-enabled device such as smartphone, tablet or computer, as all of the activities are conducted online.

If you no longer wish to be a part of the community, you can simply email us to let us know and we’ll remove you and stop sending you research activities.

Once you’re 16 years and older you can join.

No. If we determine that a participant has violated this policy, all of the accounts connected to the participant will be removed and the participant will be banned from rejoining the community in the future.

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