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This workshop is for managers that are either paralysed with indecision in the face of multiple, urgent challenges or exhausted from constantly fighting fires on multiple fronts and yielding little to no positive and sustainable results. It is designed to help managers prioritise their efforts by systematically diagnosing the performance and needs of each area of the business and determining which challenge(s), if left unaddressed, will lead to the ultimate demise of the organisation. The diagnosis is built around the main value enablers (finance, technology, innovation and organisational purpose) and value drivers of an organisation (products and services, brand and marketing and team) as well as the understanding of the key sources of company failure along the typical corporate lifecycle. At the end of the workshop, participating companies will know which of the many challenges they face require their urgent attention and an outline of the next steps towards resolving those challenges.

One of the surprisingly difficult things for organisations to do well is determine a strategic vision and establish the goals and milestones to be met on the path to realising that vision. The root of this challenge lies in the lack of understanding of the difference between strategy and tactics, which often results in very short-term plans with suboptimal execution. In this workshop, Antilles Economics will work with the senior leadership of organisations to understand the current and expected future states of their markets and their organisation’s core competencies with the aim of developing a vision for the organisation’s future and the accompanying key milestones. During this workshop, participants will work towards developing the outline of a long-term strategy as well as an accompanying short-term execution plan.

When developing product and service strategy maps, organisations need to consider three broad areas to ensure alignment with their corporate strategy:

  1. Why they are offering the product/service. This is linked to the purpose of the organisation itself and how this particular product/service helps the organisation to serve their market in accordance with its purpose.
  2. The strategy behind developing the product/service. This includes the problem the product/service is intending to solve for clients, the added value that clients get when choosing this product/service from the organisation and not its competitors and the product itself, including features.
  3. The approach to offering the product/service to the market. This area captures the go-to-market approach, financial considerations, success drivers, obstacles and customer experience.

 By guiding participants through these three areas, this workshop will help the organisation ensure that their products and services are aligned to their corporate strategy and leads to mutually reinforcing decisions within the other areas of the business. At the end of the workshop, participants will have developed a product/service strategy map for either its signature product/service, a product line or category of products/services.

The human resource function is directly connected to the fulfilment of the organisation’s strategy and the delivery of value. However, oftentimes the strategic value of HR is less visible than the operational side of the role making it hard to identify return on investment, justify resource allocation and mitigate medium to long term risks to goal attainment. Antilles Economics has designed this workshop specifically for organisations that are interested in having a clear, process-driven means of connecting their organisational strategy with their human resource strategy. Participants will leave with:

  • A streamlined workforce plan
  • An organisational HR Risk Assessment
  • Mechanisms and metrics to monitor their organisation’s progress towards delivering on its mandate
  • A plan to craft a clinical HR budget

This workshop guides participants through the development of a brand, sales and marketing funnel based on the corporate strategy. Specifically, participants will develop the goals for the brand, marketing activities and sales activities, the strategy to achieve each of these goals and the tactics to be utilised in the short-term to execute the strategy. It assumes that the participants have already developed a brand guide that would anchor the discussion. This document should go beyond visual brand guidelines to also include target customers, brand personality, preferred platforms, brand messaging and any other relevant information. If such a brand guide does not exist, a preliminary session can be conducted to help the organisation articulate and document the missing elements in preparation for the alignment workshop. The cost of this session would depend on the information already available within the organisation.

How It Works

Step 1

Is This Right For You?

Complete the registration form to signal your interest. We’ll reach out to confirm a convenient time for a discovery call to ensure that this session is best suited to your needs to extract the greatest possible value. If not, we’ll share what might be an even better approach to get you to your goals.

Step 2

The Preparation

We’ll send over the agreement, invoice and payment terms, and your session pre-work. This gives your team an opportunity to discuss, compile and familiarize themselves with the insights that will inform the sessions. Remember with us, everything starts with strategy so that’s one we can confirm you’ll be reflecting on.

Step 3

The Discovery Call

Once we’ve reviewed the preparatory work we’ll schedule a short 30-60 minute chat with selected key decision makers to highlight early observations and potential gaps in the information and set the scene for the workshop by agreeing on the session details and finalising the agenda.

Step 4

The Workshop

The sessions are split across 2 days via Zoom or in person, once all relevant Covid protocols can be safely enforced. In both delivery formats, these are working sessions and all parties will be heavily involved in crafting the outputs from the session to ensure its tailor made for your organisation and direction.

Step 5

Your Takeaways

Post-workshop, we’ll have a debriefing call and provide you with a report of the key insights and the details necessary to map your next steps. Other specific takeaways will depend on the specific workshop you choose.

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