Have you ever wished there was someone on your team that was 100% focused on the strategy 100% of the time?

We can do something about that.

Most organisations don’t have anyone who is focused on ensuring continued alignment as the organisation transitions from strategic to tactical and operational planning.

That’s why we make strategy a top priority. From execution planning to project management to execution reporting, we ensure strategies get executed.

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Take the free Strategy Execution Gap Analysis

Take the free Strategy Execution Gap Analysis (SEGA) and discover your organisation’s level of readiness to execute its strategy. The SEGA assessment is best done by the senior team and a cross-section of the organisation for accurate results. However, this sneak peek gives you insight into where the most common stumbling blocks tend to arise.

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What is strategy?

Strategy can be confusing. So let’s simplify it and get to the core of strategy.

Strategy is a set of integrated and powerful choices that positions the organisation to win.

At AE, we focus on ensuring that as the choices move from the forest (design) to the trees (planning), everyone remains on the same page.

We study your strategy from every angle

Before we start planning your strategy execution, we need a complete picture. We examine your strategy’s coherence from 5 perspectives. No other agency offers this level of insight into your strategy’s coherence.

Competitive Advantage

We review top competitors’ performance to uncover opportunities for long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategy Infrastructure

We evaluate your organisation's readiness to execute strategy using our proprietary Strategy Execution Gap Assessment and Change Readiness tools.

Products & Services

We talk to key stakeholders and staff and review product/service and value chain performance.

Team Members

We review team performance, identify strategically critical team members and take the pulse of the organisation. No strategy gets executed if the team is not on board.

Go-to-Market Strategy

We review customer satisfaction and engagement materials to get an outsider’s perspective on your company.

Bad strategy ignores the power of choice and focus, trying to instead accommodate a multitude of conflicting demands and interests.

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Is your strategy strategic?

Ensure you have a winning strategy and build sustainable competitive advantage.

How it works

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What is included

We don’t know what you need until we’ve gotten to know you. But here are some common ways we can support your strategy execution:

Internal Reporting

  • Board of Directors Performance Reports
  • Senior Leadership Management Reports
  • Company-Wide Progress Reports

Project Support

  • Management of Complex Projects
  • Performance Management
  • Subject Matter Expertise

Resource Management

  • Capacity Planning and Job Reviews
  • Funding and Financial Management
  • Team Pulse Monitoring

Embedding the Strategy

  • Strategy Coaching for Leaders
  • Change Management Support
  • Internal Communication

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