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How much is an undifferentiated or unclear strategy costing you?

  • How many of your customers treat you like a commodity?
  • How many of your team members are energized by both the destination as well as the journey?
  • Is your competition breathing down your neck, or worse, so far ahead you’re eating their dust?
  • Does strategic planning seem too complex to be effective?
  • Are decisions being made that seem inconsistent with your ultimate goals?

The stakes are too high to risk a strategy that can’t work.

We can help

We know how it feels when best practice from larger markets falls flat in our small markets and understand the frustration that comes from watching those with deeper pockets win over those with better solutions. 

We’ve spent the last decade studying strategy in small markets and have cracked the code: 

to win in small markets you need to master the invisible.


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Achieve the success you know you’re capable of

At AE, we hate seeing potential go to waste just because an organisation offering a great solution happens to be operating in markets where opportunities and resources are limited. We understand the frustration and that’s why we have dedicated our independent research into studying what consumers in small markets truly want. The results consistently showed that price and product performance, while important, do not trump invisible assets like brands, creativity and customer knowledge. 

Based on this insight, AE transformed to better help clients like you manage their invisible assets, by ensuring you have the required insights, strategic clarity and deep subject matter expertise needed to win in your small market.

Stop fighting competitive battles on terms you can’t win and start competing using assets unique to you.

AE started formal operations in 2013 with the aim of helping organisations in the Caribbean to transform into global powerhouses. Along the way, we realised that the challenges being faced in the Caribbean – small markets with few opportunities to achieve globally relevant economies of scale, challenges accessing critical resoures and technologies and shallow financial makets – were not unique to the region. Small market and/or organisation size is a global challenge that hinders economic progress throughout the world.

We embarked on a phase of active investigation to find solutions that would allow small organisations from small markets to truly be competitive on a global scale. And we stumbled across an universal truth: all organisations compete on the invisible, not the tangible. Armed with this insight, we repositioned our firm to help clients leverage their invisible assets and experience lasting, sustainable success.

We specialise in the following invisible assets:

  • Strategy design and execution
  • Databases and information systems
  • Brand
  • Customer experience
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Employee competence
  • Employee loyalty and engagement
  • Corporate culture

To manage invisible assets, you need to blend:

  1. Insights – Invisible assets are, well, invisible. You need information to allow you to truly have insight into their status and ongoing performance.
  2. Strategy – Having an asset is not the same thing has leveraging an asset. Your strategy is what turns a generic invisible asset into a competitive weapon.
  3. Transformation – Armed with insights and a winning strategy, you can embark on the winding, uphill and obstacle-littered journey to success, which will require you to remain agile and ever-changing.

A simple and straightforward plan

We’ve taken the complexity out of strategy engagements

1/ Schedule a free consultation

We’ll have an in-depth discussion to understand your circumstances and help you specify where you want to go.

2/ Co-design a solution

Together, we’ll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals, given the uncertainty and constraints you face.

3/ Access ongoing support throughout execution

We won’t leave you hanging. You’ll receive as little as or  as much support as you need from our team of subject matter experts.

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