Snapshot of Barbadian Millennials on Social Media
June 2017

AE Quarterly June 2017


AE Audience Analysis Report – June 2017

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Photographed by Kibwe Brathwaite

From the Minds of Marketers with Giselle Carr

In our second interview with influential marketers in the Caribbean, we speak with Giselle Carr, Partner with Abovegroup. Founded in 2001, Abovegroup has grown to become one of the most respected and forward-thinking design consultancies in the region, with a reputation for the consistent delivery of beautiful, memorable solutions. Giselle conducts research into brand trends, market and industry developments, in order to develop invaluable insights and deliver smart solutions.

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Small Business Financing in Barbados – Are there really insufficient options?

In Barbados, there appears to be a general consensus that small businesses are vital contributors to economic growth in Barbados. There also appears to be widespread agreement that access to financing is a challenge in Barbados. This article explores the range of financing options available in Barbados and raises the possibility that the financing challenge may reflect mismatches between financiers and borrowers, and not the lack of financing.

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