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Research Services

Let us execute your next research project

We have a team of experienced researchers and project managers to ensure that your project is executed on time and on budget. Plus, we offer the widest and most innovative range of research methods under one roof.
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Don’t let your investment go to waste; make sure your research project is technically sound

We offer technical and statistical advice to make sure your results do not lead to misleading or inaccurate information. There’s nothing worse than acting on the wrong insights.
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Market Intelligence Strategy

Does your organisation have a market intelligence strategy?

Sometimes research projects are a waste of time and money. And other times they uncover gems that propel organisations to the forefront of their industry and keep them there for decades.
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Market Data and Reports

Our suite of information projects can take the guess work out of your strategic planning

We offer economic and industry dashboards, data from our surveys, market intelligence reports and newsletters to track developments that affect doing business in the Caribbean.
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Research Services

A one-size fits all approach to problem-solving does not exist. Similarly, one research method will not be able to effectively answer all of our clients’ questions. At Antilles Economics we are continually broadening our areas of research expertise to ensure that we are equipped with all of the necessary tools to effectively solve clients’ information challenges, whatever form they take.

Research Methods
Our current range of research methods spans both qualitative and quantitative techniques, as well as techniques more widely used in ‘big data’ frameworks. We currently offer:

  • Secondary research
  • Surveys
  • Experience sampling
  • Focus groups
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Observational research
  • Statistical modelling
  • Forecasting
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Data Mining

Research Panels and Online Communities
Research panels and online research communities are groups of individuals that agree to participate in research activities online, including chat groups, one-on-one sessions, polls, surveys and photo/video diaries. They are being widely adopted by major brands throughout the world to:

  • Boost brand advocacy
  • Generate deeper insights
  • Support product and service innovation
  • Provide rapid feedback

Online communities go one step further, allowing brands to foster the kinds of connections with customers that create brand advocates and increase brand loyalty.


Academic training and more than 4 decades combined of experience researching in the Caribbean has taught us that research can go very wrong. From leading questions, to disjointed question flow, to statistical ignorance, too large a proportion of research projects are destined to fail. But worst of all is the fact that many of these mistakes go unnoticed, causing organisations to act on incorrect information.

We know we have an edge on most non-research professionals. We have been trained to conduct complex research projects – some of us to the PhD level – and we have years of experience researching for a living. We can lend you our expertise, so you can focus on what you do best: acting on the insights.

We designed our Advisory Service to ensure that your results do not lead to misleading or inaccurate information. We will help you design your questionnaires and interview templates, estimate your sample size, train your data collection team and determine the best statistical model for your estimations. And we will do all of this even if you don’t use us to execute the project. All it takes is one consultation to make sure that your research investment doesn’t go down the drain.

This is one of the many ways that Antilles Economics enables fact-based decision making.

Market Intelligence Strategy

We’ve worked with a wide range of organisations: governments, NGOs, development banks, financial institutions, retail companies, new businesses, established businesses, and the list goes on. And we’ve noticed a few common complaints from the professionals we’ve worked with:

  • senior managers don’t value information
  • they keep conducting variations of the same study
  • the timelines and budgets for research are too small
  • each new senior leader has a different view of what the ‘problem’ is
  • ‘they’ keep adding to the scope of the project
  • the cost of research is too high

We believe that the root cause of all of these issues is the fact that none of these organisations have a market intelligence strategy.

A market intelligence strategy provides the blueprint to determine:

  1. which type of insights would generate the greatest value and, by extension, what they are worth
  2. where to go looking for these insights
  3. how to uncover them
  4. how to maximise them and ensure they don’t get buried again

For all of our Research Areas, we have developed intelligence strategies. The result has been deeper insight into the areas we’re passionate about, on a budget that would be petty cash in most companies. We work with clients to develop similar intelligence strategies for their organisations, so that they can ensure that every research dollar is well-spent.

Market Data and Reports

dashboardsAE Dashboards are a combination of graphs, tables and assumption reports designed to help busy executives stay on top of macroeconomic and industry developments. They are formatted to quickly deliver all of the information you need about current developments, and how those developments affect our outlook for the future.

By subscribing to our dashboards, you are accessing the latest forecasts of your country and industry from our team of experienced economists. We have been forecasting for more than a decade, and have been trained on the job, academically and by specialty institutions like the International Monetary Fund. So you can rest assured that we have both the training and the experience to deliver insightful forecasts that can help you chart your organisation’s future.

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Numbers-ImageWe’ve already conducted the research. Why should you spend thousands of dollars to access the same information? Purchasing insights is: cost effective, fast, relevant and customisable

We sell data from the following studies:

How AE is closing the market data gap

Companies in the Caribbean need a data pooling third party, and we’ve stepped in to fill the gap. Not having reliable, comparable market data is hindering companies’ efforts to adequately assess market trends and competitive developments. By sharing data with an impartial third party, companies access reliable market data on a consistent basis.

How it works

Participating companies will confidentially share data with Antilles Economics. We will collate this information to create consolidated market data and inform market commentary. We also supplement the data provided by participating companies with other relevant data from a variety of sources, including central banks, statistical offices and other third party suppliers.

We will then provide both the data and our commentary to participating companies, creating a rich source of relevant, timely market intelligence.

Participating Industries

We are currently in the process of developing market reports for the following industries:

  • Consumer finance
  • Energy
  • Retail and Consumer Goods – Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Retail and Consumer Goods  – Alcohol
If your company operates in one of these industries, or you would like to suggest a new industry, click the button below to join the market intelligence movement.