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After COVID-19: The Barbadian Consumer in 2021

After COVID-19: The Barbadian Consumer in 2021 is the first Deep Dive Report from Antilles Economics and is a publication of our AE Insider arm. 

The pandemic has had a severe impact on economic activity and unemployment in Barbados. Since recording its first case of COVID-19 on 18 March 2020, Barbados was in the middle of its worst COVID-19 outbreak since the first national lockdown in March 2020 when this research was conducted and the report was released. It is against this backdrop that Antilles Economics surveyed Barbadian consumers to understand how they have responded to the pandemic and the accompanying changes in the way business is conducted. 

The results of the study suggest that Barbadian consumers are concerned, but unafraid of COVID-19, and have adapted to the pandemic by adjusting how they spend their time and money as well as how they go about procuring goods and services.

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