Making the Invisible Visible, Presentation at HRMAB Conference 2018

AE Quarterly December 2018

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The Difference Between Contented and Engaged Employees

In an effort to improve their eNPS, many talent management professionals focus on improving the proportion of Promoters and/or decreasing the proportion of Detractors. Few target the Passives, or what we call the Contented, even though in many cases, the Contented make up the majority of their team. In analysing the differences between employees that were Promoters and those that were Passives, three reasons emerged from our study of the Employee View of the Employer Brand that underscored why companies should care that their employees are merely content.

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Core Values and Corporate Culture

One of our beliefs at Antilles Economics is that you can’t execute a winning strategy without an enabling corporate culture. And you can’t develop an enabling corporate culture without engaged team members that buy in to the core values that underpin the culture. The root, therefore, is core values. In this article, we explore the relationship between core values and corporate culture.

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