It’s Confirmed! Customer Service Vital For Business Survival in Barbados

AE Report Cover 85Customer service is very important to Barbadian consumers – so much so, that they would consider paying more to benefit from an enhanced customer service experience. At the same time, however, many consumers feel trapped and unable to switch companies if they receive poor service. Despite these feelings, consumers are not always voicing their complaints to their service providers. Additionally, these consumers are not very vocal online. They are not keeping silent though. They are telling friends, family members and colleagues about their service experiences, and making decisions about which companies to do business with based on the experiences of others.

These are some of the main findings of our recent survey on customer experience, which asked more than 400 consumers in Barbados about their responses to good and bad customer service experiences, how they determine which companies to do business with, and the main reasons why they continued to do business with a company that they weren’t satisfied with.

To access the results of the survey, click here to read the Customer Experience Survey Summary Report.

Blueprint Creative and Antilles Economics surveyed consumers in Barbados to help corporate Barbados gain a better understanding of the impact that customer experience has on businesses. They study was motivated by the need to provide companies operating in Barbados with data to inform their customer service strategic decisions. With no publicly available data, CEOs, Marketing Managers and other executives were forced to rely on data from other countries, which may not always provide the appropriate insight into the Barbados market. This survey is the first step to closing this gap. We have made the data collected during the survey accessible to companies that wish to delve deeper into the data that what is provided in the summary report.

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