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We specialise in making the invisible visible
by leveraging the power of insights.

What are you working on?


Much of the more popular types of business research are geared towards marketing and brand development. Customer satisfaction surveys, market research into consumer trends, product attributes assessments, customer profiles, and so forth, were all developed to help you understand your markets and develop your brands. We offer all of these services and more.



The days of service being defined by a friendly smile are long gone. To truly wow customers today, businesses have to think holistically about the entire experience, from before a customer becomes a customer to the long after they leave. Processes, touch points, channels, brand values as well as the actual customer-facing team all contribute to a positive customer experience. Our work with our clients has shown that improving the entire journey is more likely to improve customer satisfaction than focusing on in-person interaction alone.



Talent management is hard, isn’t it? You have to be great at recognising talent, interpreting and influencing legal documents, knowing when and how to counsel strategy, advising senior management about talent strategy, devising training programmes, and the list goes on. We can’t help with everything you do, but data collection and analysis are our specialty. For example, we can help you develop and update talent metrics; understand the relationship between personality traits and likelihood to excel in a role; figure out how to attract the talent you’re looking for; understand your competition for talent; train staff in analytics; improve employee satisfaction; and forecast wages. Give us a call for more information.


To us, strategy is economics. We’ve been trained to look ahead, understand business drivers and anticipate and influence customer and competitor reactions. We apply our technical expertise to helping you shape your strategy.


Our dashboards allow you to foresee the future of your market and your business. Our econometric and statistical analysis reveals the root contributors to your success. Our game theory and economic scenarios provide the means to anticipate customer and competitor reactions to your strategic decisions.


How we can help you

Unearth insights

We believe that the best way to uncover the insights that could transform your business is to customise our research solutions to your organisation’s unique situation. At Antilles Economics we are continually broadening our areas of research expertise to ensure that we are equipped with all of the necessary tools to effectively unearth insights, wherever they may be hiding. Our current range of research methods spans both qualitative and quantitative techniques as well as techniques more widely used in ‘big data’ frameworks. Whether you’d like to conduct a customer or employee satisfaction survey, brand and image assessment, market research or pricing research, we can help you design the research solution that’s best suited to your needs.

Leverage insights

We provide advice on how to leverage insights when developing corporate strategy. We have our strategic recommendations on a combination of data analytics and hypothesis testing of the future of your market and firm. We then provide ongoing support throughout the execution of the strategy to ensure that you continue to make decisions based on the best information.

Strengthen analytical capabilities

We support your organisations continued development by helping to strengthen your team’s analytical capacities. We believe that fact based decisions are only possible when your team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge. Our training, workshops, briefings and dashboards ensure that you are always prepared to maximise the opportunities in your market.

Who we’re working with

Financial services

From industry stalwarts – like insurance and banking – to relative newcomers – like asset management and venture capital – we can help you understand and predict markets.

Public sector

We work with public sector organisations to help them manage their brands, talent and customer experience, as well as position their organisations for long-term impact.


We can help energy providers understand changing consumer demand, better position and market your brands and improve access to relevant market data.

retail and consumer goods

We provide support throughout your strategic journey. From market positioning to distribution to customer acquisition to attaining operational excellence to strategic review, we can provide tailored services to match your needs.


The Caribbean Tourism industry is in flux. Current trends and our recent work on the impact of climate change and changing seasonality patterns confirm it. Furthermore, our forecasts suggest that the future of the industry is highly uncertain. We can help you stay in the game.


Simon Naitram is an Assistant Lecturer in Economics at the University of the West Indies, and a final-year PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow. He sometimes scribbles on his blog, We Should All Be Economists at, and tweets slightly more frequently at @SimonMNaitram. When not boring people to tears with economics, he can be found on the boundary’s edge ranting about cricket or feeding stray cats.

Interview with Simon Naitram, New President of the Barbados Economics Society

In this interview with Simon Naitram, the 2019 President of the Barbados Economic Society (BES) shares his perspective on the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) Plan, the restructuring of the Barbados economy and the role of the BES.


What We’ve Learned After Years of Customer Experience Research

We’ve been researching customer experience on our own and for clients for a number of years now. We’ve done customer satisfactions surveys, probing interviews with customers and prospects, intercept surveys with Joe Public and all types of focus groups. We’ve read dozens of articles, blog posts and research from other researchers. We’ve even conducted our own independent research on the topic. And we’ve noticed a pattern. There are four areas that companies need to pay attention to if they’re going to improve experiences along their customers’ journeys.


Antilles Economics: 2019

Permit me to steal some space in AE Quarterly to reintroduce you to Antilles Economics. At Antilles Economics we want to see the Caribbean reach its potential output. To achieve this we believe that the private sector must be equipped to lead, and they need insights to do so. For us at AE, we see information as an investment into insights, and insights are assets to an organisation that can be leveraged like any other. In 2019, for our clients in Barbados we are introducing a new service called AE Insider. AE Insider is an independent source of research, data and other insights developed specifically for decision-makers in the private sector. 


Practice leader

Stacia Howard

managing director

At Antilles Economics, Stacia is responsible for providing thought leadership in corporate strategy, intelligence gathering and leveraging insights. As Practice Leader for Insights Consulting, she leads all of the insights consulting projects. Prior to founding Antilles Economics, Ms. Howard was the Strategy and Economic Analyst at CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank. She was responsible for the economic and competitive intelligence for all of its territories, and co-developed and co-authored the Caribbean Market Overview published by CIBC Macro Strategy. Ms. Howard also worked at the Central Bank of Barbados in various roles, culminating with Senior Economist. Ms. Howard holds a MA in International Business and Languages from Heriot-Watt University and received her economics training from the Central Bank of Barbados, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the International Monetary Fund.
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