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Leverage your “invisible assets” and discover unique insights, build a winning strategy and sharpen your execution.

Antilles Economics is an insights-driven boutique advisory firm that helps organizations operating in small markets to develop and execute winning strategies. At Antilles Economics, we focus on leveraging invisible (and sometimes overlooked) assets such as your brand, your culture and your business relationships to help you achieve your organizational goals.

4 Programmes to fit your organisation’s needs



The Invisible Advantage

Have you ever wondered how some of the world’s leading companies stay ahead of the pack for decades while their competitors seem to flash and burn? The secret lies in their close management of assets like brand, trust, creativity, knowledge, relationships and experiences.

All of which are invisible.

All of which you too can leverage.


The Clear Strategy Approach

The Clear Strategy Approach gives your organisation the clarity of context, direction and execution to turn your strategic decisions into operational realities. In short, you will learn how to design strategies that:

  • fully incorporate market realities;
  • chart a bold, visionary future; and,
  • are reflected in the day-to-day decisions of everyone on your team.


The Strategy Ally

Too many organisations don’t have anyone who is focused on ensuring continued alignment to the strategy as the organisation transitions from strategic thinking to tactical and operational planning.

That’s why we make strategy a top priority. From annual planning to project management to management reporting, we ensure strategies get executed.


The Insights Anchor

You know that saying Garbage in, garbage out? Turns out they were right. Your decision is only as good as your underlying data.

The Insights Anchor Program is Antilles Economics’ answer to our clients’ desire to never lose sight of what matters to their organisations’ success. We build a custom platform of insights for each unique situation, and then we maintain it so you have to guess or use outdated information to make multi-million dollar decisions again.

AEI_CXCovid Report Cover Page


After COVID-19: The Barbadian Consumer in 2021

After COVID-19: The Barbadian Consumer in 2021 is the first Deep Dive Report from Antilles Economics and is a publication of our AE Insider arm. 

The pandemic has had a severe impact on economic activity and unemployment in Barbados. Since recording its first case of COVID-19 on 18 March 2020, Barbados was in the middle of its worst COVID-19 outbreak since the first national lockdown in March 2020 when this research was conducted and the report was released. It is against this backdrop that Antilles Economics surveyed Barbadian consumers to understand how they have responded to the pandemic and the accompanying changes in the way business is conducted. 

The results of the study suggest that Barbadian consumers are concerned, but unafraid of COVID-19, and have adapted to the pandemic by adjusting how they spend their time and money as well as how they go about procuring goods and services.

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