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What We’ve Learned After Years of Customer Experience Research

We’ve been researching customer experience on our own and for clients for a number of years now. We’ve done customer satisfactions surveys, probing interviews with customers and prospects, intercept surveys with Joe Public and all types of focus groups. We’ve read dozens of articles, blog posts and research from other researchers. We’ve even conducted our own independent research on the topic. And we’ve noticed a pattern. There are four areas that companies need to pay attention to if they’re going to improve experiences along their customers’ journeys.

Ron Johnson, MD Blueprint Creative Inc, on Customer Experience in Barbados

Ron Johnson is the Managing Director of Blueprint Creative Inc, a brand development firm based in Barbados. Blueprint Creative Inc and Antilles Economics recently collaborated to survey consumers about Customer Experience in Barbados. The following interview with Ron provides his perspective on the results. We have just released the results of our Customer Experience Survey for …

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Last Chance to Have Your Say in Our Customer Experience Survey

We’re closing our Customer Experience Survey for Barbados on May 31, 2015. If you haven’t already completed the survey, you only have a few days left! This is your opportunity to contribute to improving customer service in Barbados. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to complete it.

Understanding the Customer Experience Reactions of Millennials

In 2015, Antilles Economics and Blueprint Creative embarked on a study to understand how Barbadian customers reacted to positive and negative customer experiences as well as generally what they looked for when choosing the companies and brands they transacted with. We discovered that Millennials looked for the same basic attributes in the companies and brands they did business with as older generations, and they are no more or less sensitive to a brand’s reputation. Where they differ is that they complain less, are more willing to pay extra for excellent service, switch brands faster and are more likely to share their experiences, both good and bad, with others.

It’s Confirmed! Customer Service Vital For Business Survival in Barbados

Customer service is very important to Barbadian consumers – so much so, that they would consider paying more to benefit from an enhanced customer service experience. At the same time, however, many consumers feel trapped and unable to switch companies if they receive poor service. Despite these feelings, consumers are not always voicing their complaints to their service providers. Additionally, these consumers are not very vocal online. They are not keeping silent though. They are telling friends, family members and colleagues about their service experiences, and making decisions about which companies to do business with based on the experiences of others.

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