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Our clients prefer to minimise the unknown when making business decisions. They are in competitive markets so they know that acting on inaccurate information will mean the demise of their business. And since they are operating in the Caribbean, they are prepared to do what is necessary to surmount the severe data challenges facing businesses in the region.

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We aim to alleviate the problem of inconsistent market data by transforming available secondary and our own primary data into extensive, comprehensive market intelligence for a growing list of industries. We have built industry forecasting models anchored on our macroeconomic models to help you plan your future in your market. We ensure that you have insights into the products, customers, competitors and policies within your industry, both with a country perspective as well as on a regional basis

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Our Consumer Finance practice is focused on mortgage banking, credit cards and other forms of consumer credit (including student loans, car loans and revolving lines of credit).

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Our Retail and Consumer Goods practice was developed to provide support throughout your strategic journey. From market positioning to distribution to customer acquisition to attaining operational excellence to strategic review, we can provide tailored services to match your needs.

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Our construction and real estate practice is designed to assist real estate developers, real estate agents, construction firms and engineers, as well as companies requiring advanced analytics to develop their supply chains.

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Our Media and Entertainment practice aims to help you stay on top of the rapid changes in these industries by applying the insights gleaned through market research and forecasting to your decision-making.

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In our Insurance practice, we can help you mine your data, as well as anticipate and prepare for new developments in your markets.

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We can help energy providers understand changing consumer demand, better position and market your brands and improve access to relevant market data.

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The Caribbean Tourism industry is in flux. Current trends and our recent work on the impact of climate change and changing seasonality patterns confirm it. Furthermore, our forecasts suggest that the future of the industry is highly uncertain. We can help you stay in the game.

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We are committed to helping you develop within your chosen discipline. Read on to learn more about the solutions we’ve developed for you.

Human resources:
Talent management is hard, isn’t it? You have to be great at recognising talent, interpreting and influencing legal documents, knowing when and how to counsel staff, advising senior management about talent strategy, devising training programmes, and the list goes on. We can’t help with everything you do, but data collection and analysis are our specialty. For example, we can help you develop and update talent metrics; understand the relationship between personality traits and likelihood to excel in a role; figure out how to attract the talent you’re looking for; understand your competition for talent; train staff in analytics; improve employee satisfaction; and forecast wages. Give us a call for more information.

Marketing and Brand Development:
Much of the more popular types of business research are geared towards marketing and brand development. Customer satisfaction surveys, market research into consumer trends, product attributes assessments, customer profiles, and so forth, were all developed to help you understand your markets and develop your brands. We offer all of these services and more.

To us, strategy is economics. We’ve been trained to look ahead, understand business drivers and anticipate and influence customer and competitor reactions. We apply our technical expertise to helping you shape your strategy. Our dashboards allow you to foresee the future of your market and your business. Our econometric and statistical analysis reveals the root contributors to your success. Our game theory and economic scenarios provide the means to anticipate customer and competitor reactions to your strategic decisions.

Finance departments have access to a wealth of under-utilised data. If you’re like other finance professionals we’ve spoken to, you know you’re sitting on gold, but you don’t have the time to mine it. We can delve deep into your data with our data mining, statistical and econometric techniques (click here for more information) to uncover the insights hiding in accounting data. You may also be interested in our dashboards and forecasting services, as you can conduct reasonability checks of your budget plans by comparing them with our economic forecasts and forecasts of your financial metrics.

Research Areas

We believe that the Caribbean is facing a number of big issues that are affecting how we do business. We are actively researching these areas to ensure we keep abreast of how these issues affect you.

Green Economy

  • Green Economy Scoping Study Synthesis Report for Barbados
  • Economic Potential of Geothermal Energy for St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Economic and Social Impact of Climate Change on Tourism
  • Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas
  • A Market-Based Proposal of Encouraging Water Use Efficiency in a Tourism-Based Economy
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Caribbean Tourism Demand

Societal and Demographic Change

  • Estimating the size of the middle class in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • The Potential Impact of a Minimum Wage on Poverty and Income Distribution in Barbados
  • The Impact of Ageing on Private Savings in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Consumer Trends


Cool New Techniques