The Employee View of the Employer Brand

2017 Report Executive Summary

The concept of the employer brand encompasses all aspects of an organisation’s reputation as an employer, and embodies the idea that companies should have an articulated value proposition for its employees. If we accept that employer brands reflect an organisation’s value proposition for its employees, it is evident that employers should pay attention to three broad areas:

  1. The experience that prospective employees have with the employer’s brand when job hunting;
  2. The level of engagement of current employees and their overall attitudes towards their employers; and,
  3. The response that current employees have to internal communication efforts that reinforce the employer brand.

This report is based on a pilot study of more than 440 employees in Barbados and is designed to shed light on how employees’ views could be influencing their employers’ brands. The report covers 8 broad industries, 13 areas of responsibility, 5 organisational levels, 11 income bands, 11 age groups, 5 educational levels and 4 categories of organisational size.

Download the executive summary to learn:

  • What Barbadian employees are looking for in an employer
  • The resources most used when job hunting
  • The areas to focus on to boost employee engagement
  • Employees’ preferred modes to deliver your internal communications messages