Introducing the Cayman Islands Business Dashboard

The Cayman Islands Business Dashboard aims to provide businesses in the Cayman Islands with useful insights that can help them to build stronger, more competitive businesses. Cayman Islands Business Dashboard is a joint research project between Antilles Economics, a research and management consulting firm, and Blueprint Creative, one of Barbados’ leading branding agencies.

Each year, the team behind the Cayman Islands Business Dashboard will independently research topics that affect the business community. This year’s first research project is on the topic of “Employer Branding”.

The research project consists of two separate but complementary surveys. The first survey is an “employee survey” designed to evaluate the viewpoints of the Cayman Islands workforce on topics related to Employer Branding. The second survey is an “employer survey” designed to evaluate the viewpoints of Cayman Islands employers on Employer Branding. The results of the surveys will be used to help employees and employers better understand each other.

Access the surveys

Employer Survey

This survey should be taken by HR Practitioners, CEOs and other members of the leadership team who are actively involved in the recruitment and hiring of employees.

Employee Survey

This survey should be taken by employees working in the public, private and/or civil society sectors. If you are involved in the recruitment and hiring of employees, you should take the Employer Survey instead.

The team behind the Cayman Islands Business Dashboard

Antilles Economics is an insights consulting firm focused on insight-driven strategy. They provide solutions to help private, public and NGO organisations gather relevant market intelligence, understand economic drivers and design strategies based on these insights. They are a team of economists, business analysts, technical experts in a wide range of analytical fields and corporate strategists, and provide a one-stop shop for a comprehensive view of their client’s external environment.

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Blueprint Creative is a Barbados-based team of brand enthusiasts serving clients in corporate and creative industries across Barbados and the Caribbean. They provide brand strategy, communications, design, employee brand engagement and customer experience solutions all under one roof. They operate in an advertising-focussed industry, but understand that advertising is only one piece of the brand puzzle. They’re hardworking, easy to work with and passionate about delivering quality work.

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Antilles Economics
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Blueprint Creative Inc.
Ron Johnson, Managing Director
1st Floor Arnold Christie Building, Lower Estate, St. Michael, Barbados
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