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Practical tips for leveraging insights

Covid-19: Strategic Insights from the Caribbean C-Suite

Strategy is often about identifying the patterns within the invisible and taking calculated risks to take advantage of potential opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic has tested our resolve by disrupting our normal ways of doing business. In this article we introduce an upcoming set of interviews with senior leaders to discuss and garner inspiration from their strategic response to the global pandemic.

Why employee engagement surveys are not enough

Tell the truth. Most of your employees aren’t telling the truth on your annual employee engagement survey. You know it. They know it. And they know you know it. It’s become an exercise that frustrates everyone involved. None of your efforts to improve this situation – from internal memos explaining how the importance of the …

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Invisible Assets

10 Features of Invisible Assets

Helping companies to manage the invisible underpins most of the work we do here at Antilles Economics. Invisible assets, though they cannot be seen or touched, are often the secret weapon in every successful company’s arsenal. In this second post in our Managing the Invisible series, we discuss why invisible assets require you to adopt a different approach to managing them than your traditional ‘visible’ assets.


Is who you’re targeting who’s really buying?

As part of the development of a good marketing strategy, marketers define their target market, i.e. who they are trying to attract through their branding and advertising efforts. Typically, they take their cue from the corporate strategy, which would assume, inter alia, that the products and services being created by the company would be of …

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Using forecasts and scenarios in strategic planning

One of the biggest travesties to me in strategic planning – yes, I know I’m being dramatic – is that companies do not incorporate economic forecasts and scenarios into their strategic plans. I don’t count mentioning the outlook in the background section when you’re setting the tone for the rest of your plans. To me, …

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