Our Approach

Uncover insights
We employ a unique combination of analytical techniques, industry experience and creativity to reveal hidden insights. We then translate the output of our often complex models into clear, honest and concise intelligence that drives corporate decision-making.
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Support Strategy Development
We provide advice on how to leverage insights when developing corporate strategy. We have our strategic recommendations on a combination of data analytics and hypothesis testing of the future of your market and firm. We then provide ongoing support throughout the execution of the strategy to ensure that you continue to make decisions based on the best information.
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Strengthen Analytical Capabilities
We support your organisations continued development by helping to strengthen your team’s analytical capacities. We believe that fact based decisions are only possible when your team is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge. Our training workshops and dashboards ensure that you are always prepared to maximise the opportunities in your market.
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Gaining a deeper and more accurate understanding of your consumers, your market and your internal operations is the first step to sustained competitive advantage.

Customised Research

We believe that the best way to uncover the insights that could transform your business is to customise your research solutions to your organisation’s unique situation. Whether you’d like to conduct a customer or employee satisfaction survey, brand and image assessment, market research or pricing research, we can help you design the research solution that’s best suited to your needs.

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Purchase Insights from Existing Research

At Antilles Economics we are always researching. And often we uncover insights that you may find useful in your business. We conduct surveys, focus groups and observational research, to name a few, and collate the data in our expansive databases. You can select only the topics, questions and demographics you are interested in, and we will deliver the exact insights you specified.

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Support Strategy Development

Gaining a deeper and more accurate understanding of your consumers, your market and your internal operations is the first step to sustained competitive advantage.

We currently offer:

Find out what truly underpins the trends in your organisation’s key business indicators, such as economic developments, product innovations, staff changes or marketing campaigns.

We help you determine the best market for your products/services and design a brand strategy to help you get your ideal customers’ attention.

Figure out who you’re really competing against and dig deeper into how they do business.

Estimate the impact of your new idea on your business and market.

Anticipate the impact of economic and other external developments on your business. Read more about the methods we use on our Bespoke Advisory Solutions and our Dashboards.

Strengthen Analytical Capabilities

Forecast Dashboards

Our dashboards provide up to date information and forecasts on general macroeconomic developments in your country plus market trends in your industry. Best of all, since they are distributed via an online platform you can access your dashboard anywhere, anytime.

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Training and Workshops

We can design training sessions and workshops to help you and your team deepen your understanding of a particular economic or statistical topic. We are trained educators with decades of experience. Examples of topics you could delve into include:

  • Econometric modelling
  • Making sense of Caribbean economies
  • Using game theory in your business

We can also create custom programmes to suit your needs.

Webinars and Economic Briefings

Need help interpreting how recent economic and market developments may impact your business? Our webinars and economic briefings were developed for just that reason. We conduct sessions on topics of interest for a specific industry or the entire country. As a client you will be notified when these sessions are available, and we always advertise new sessions that are available to the public on our website and our blog.

Article Subscriptions

To help our clients stay on top of developments relevant to their industry and profession we conduct independent research that we then summarize into articles and reports. When you subscribe to our articles, you get proprietary research that is only available to our clients..

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