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In today’s markets, invisible assets are the cornerstone of strategic success.

How We Help Our Clients Transform (The VP)

At AE, we have focused our work on helping organisations transform by leveraging their invisible assets. We believe that every extraordinarily successful organisation mastered only 3 things: better insights, a solid strategy, and the ability and willingness to truly transform.

We work with clients to develop all three across three focus areas:

Our Clients (AE The Guide: Authority and Empathy)

We understand how difficult it is to compete in the Caribbean when often you are going head-to-head with companies that can afford to make mistakes that you simply cannot. We have helped other organisations in your same position transcend these challenges.

Who We Work With

Financial Services

From industry stalwarts – like insurance and banking – to relative newcomers – like asset management and venture capital – we can help you understand and predict markets.

Public Sector

We work with public sector organisations to help them manage their brands, talent and customer experience, as well as position their organisations for long-term impact.


We can help energy providers understand changing consumer demand, better position and market your brands and improve access to relevant market data.

Retail and Consumer Goods

We provide support throughout your strategic journey. From market positioning to distribution to customer acquisition to attaining operational excellence to strategic review, we can provide tailored services to match your needs.


The Caribbean Tourism industry is in flux. Current trends and our recent work on the impact of climate change and changing seasonality patterns confirm it. Furthermore, our forecasts suggest that the future of the industry is highly uncertain. We can help you stay in the game.

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