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Have you ever had to read a Minister of Finance budget speech? Was it really confusing? Were you left wondering … what exactly does this mean? You weren’t alone. And if you feel bad because you have a job that you’re supposed to know these things, don’t worry, you’re still not alone. Understanding fiscal budgets can be very challenging and interpreting their impact on an organisation’s bottom line can be even more daunting. That’s just one example of the type of challenges that Antilles Economics was created to solve.

Antilles Economics is an economics consulting firm operating in the Caribbean. Our customers hire us to improve their strategic decision-making by helping them better understand their external environment. What is unique about our approach is that we use our econometric and statistical models, our mastery of Caribbean micro and macroeconomics, and our understanding of how business is conducted in the Caribbean to determine the impact of changes in their environment on their operations.

We started this blog to share our thoughts on developments in our markets and the insights we gained from our research. Our readers will benefit from our analysis of market indicators, budget speeches, and the like; interviews with experts leaders in key industries; articles that we find particularly interesting; and contributions from our expert associates. This blog is aimed at professionals and other economists tasked with the job of guiding policy or strategic decision-making within their organisations.

We’d love you to share your ideas by commenting on our blog posts or emailing us (). All we ask is that we all respect each other’s right to have an opinion and we refrain from political marketing. We are politically neutral and would like our blog to remain that way. If you’d like to join our panel of expert associates, feel free to email us with a brief bio, your contact information and a summary of what topics you’d like to discuss and we’ll be in touch.

P.S. Our blog posts are also available on our facebook and linkedin pages.

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