Introducing AE Group of Influencers

Happy New Year!

I’ve been looking forward to 2014 because I’m very excited to introduce a new way for you to interact with us. From this year we’ll be introducing the AE Group of Influencers.

Our vision for Antilles Economics has always been to be a responsive economics and strategy consulting firm. Responsiveness for us means addressing the pressing questions of our clients and followers. We all face knowledge gaps in our professional lives. I’m not referring to academic or skills training gaps, but rather information gaps.

Have you ever been conducting research for a project and found loads of information on every country/industry imaginable except yours? Or read an interesting article in an international magazine and wished a similar study was available for the Caribbean, or if the results were even applicable for the Caribbean? What about reading a paper with a promising title only to realise that it failed to capture some of the complexities of doing business in your market?

Obviously you could do the research yourself, if you have the necessary training, time and finances. Or you could tell us and we’ll do it for you.

So we came up with the AE Group of Influencers. Think of it as an elite group that drives the research agenda of our company. Remember that in addition to the projects that clients pay us to investigate, we also conduct research that may be of interest to organisations in a particular industry or country, or those dealing with a common problem. So you can tell us what you’d like us to investigate, and we’ll add it to our research agenda. It costs you nothing.

Just to be clear, when you join the AE Group of Influencers you are not subscribing to our blog. We decided to separate the function of sharing our thoughts on particular topics (AE Blog) from discussing our research plans and progress. The main reason is that we found that blog subscribers do not necessarily wish to drive research and those interested in our research agenda may not wish to receive all of our blog posts. But, you could apply to both and receive the best of both worlds.

How does it work?

To join AE Group of Influencers, you simply fill out and submit a form providing us with basic background information and your research preferences. That’s it. From time to time, you’ll receive emails from us on our research agenda, for example:

  • we may ask you for suggestions on topics/industries/countries to research
  • you’ll receive advance notice of upcoming publications, presentations, etc.
  • we may bounce ideas off of you while in the middle of research
  • we may ask for help if we come across a problem that we can’t solve on our own
  • we may ask you if you’d like us to present a topic as a blog, e-book, webinar or in-person presentation

Think of it as being the leader of our research team with all of the benefits,

  • access to the latest thinking on your areas of preference
  • ensuring that the studies you want to read are the ones we work on
  • access to research skills beyond those of your organisation
  • ability to prioritise research areas and publication dates
  • be part of a high-performing research team

but none of the stress, time or money that would normally be required. Plus, it’s confidential.

For us, we learn a bit more about our followers, we ensure that our research is responsive and we help deepen Caribbean business intelligence. Everyone wins.

To join, click on the following link and start 2014 by telling us what you want.

Become a member of the AE Group of Influencers

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