AE Research Methods

From time to time, we are asked for details about the research methods we use when uncovering insights. This is a tough question since we use so many, and the method ultimately used in a project depends on the data and the topic being investigated.

Generally, we use both primary and secondary data collection methods, and a wide range of statistical analysis techniques. For example, we have used surveys and statistical analysis to collect information on and analyse the impact of a change in legislation on the demand for medicines (click here to read about it); and we have used secondary information and linear regression to forecast premiums and claims in the insurance industry (click here to read more). In both cases, we adapted our approach to suit the question we were investigating.

To learn more about other methods we use, click here to read our 2015 Research Methods summary. The methods outlined in this document are not by any means the full list of our tools. If you would like more information, click here to send us your query.

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