AE 2014 Research Agenda

Research is a big part of what we do at Antilles Economics. It is also one of the least understood areas of our business. In this post, I’ll provide more details on our 2014 research agenda.

We have split our research agenda into two categories: research for clients and research for knowledge building.

Research for Clients

Our research for clients falls under our Research Service and caters to clients that require more in depth, customised research. Prospective clients would outline their research needs and we would form a team and determine an approach to answer their questions. Clients therefore drive our output. I’ve noted below a sample of past topics researched for clients:

  • Determining the optimal organisational structure for a non-profit organisation
  • Determining the impact of legislative change on demand for pharmaceutical products
  • Estimating the economic impact of climate change
  • National financial stability analysis

To learn more about how to become a client, you can contact us at 246-253-4442 or moc.scimonocesellitna@drawohs.

Research for Knowledge Building

Our research for knowledge building attempts to add to the body of literature on a topic of interest. Our usual outputs are journals and other peer-reviewed articles. But in 2014 we have decided to also make reports available to the general public on our website and via email to our followers. We have three main themes in our 2014 research agenda: Green Business OpportunitiesExploring the Use of Data and the Evolution of the Demand for the Caribbean Tourism Product.

We’ve been researching on the green economy and the economic impact of climate change for years. In fact, Winston has published a number of papers on the topic and was one of the main contributors to the Green Economy report for Barbados published in 2012. In 2014, we will switch our focus from the national impact of a green economy to the business opportunities inherent in shifting towards more environmentally conscious economic activities.

The second big theme for 2014 is the use of data in organisations. Every organisation collects statistical information, but not all optimise its use. Furthermore, many organisations do not systematically source external data. We thought it would be insightful to determine the extent to which data informs decision-making and prevailing attitudes towards data.

When we were developing our tourism forecasts, we noticed that in some markets, seasonality and demand have evolved. This shift has implications for how organisations dependent on tourism structure their operations. For example, maybe the timing and/or focus of large marketing campaigns should be adjusted. Or maybe temporary increases in staff are required at times outside of the traditional winter season. Once we observed these shifts, we were determined to understand more.

For this type of research, we would also welcome partnering with other organisations on topics of mutual interest.

AE Group of Influencers

You can also let us know what you would like us to add to our 2014 research agenda by joining the AE Group of Influencers. In keeping with our goal to be responsive to the needs of our clients and followers, we introduced the group in our first post of 2014. It’s a fabulous way to direct the reports produced by AE. Not only is it free, but it gives participants a confidential way to ensure that the questions they have on their market or profession are answered.

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