Why Choose Us?

Antilles Economics designs all of its products and services with one goal in mind: to reduce your organisation’s level of risk by enabling fact-based decisions. We aim to significantly lower the likelihood of:

  • Inaccurate information
  • Guessing
  • Incomplete analysis
  • Poorly designed/executed data gathering exercies
  • Limited understanding of the data being analysed

As experienced economists, we go beyond the traditional Caribbean macroeconomics practice and apply our unique combinaton of techniques and approaches to problem solving in the corporate world. We have built on a strong

foundation of econometric and statistical analysis by expanding into market research and qualitative techniques. Our research methods include statistical modelling, regression, conjoint and correlation analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, hypothesis testing, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, surveys, online communities and secondary research.

By combining techniques, we glean richer insights and make more relevant recommendations. You benefit from your ability to tailor our solutions to ensure more targeted problem-solving, and you leverage our findings and recommendations for more effective strategy development and execution. We can help you uncover insights and strengthen your analytical capabilities, all while supporting your strategic development.

The story behind Antilles Economics

We started AE to close a gap we saw in the Caribbean. There was limited independent research that could help organisations make strategic decisions. No niche magazines; no market trends reports; no independent forecasts; no consumer reports. And this was just when we accessed external information. Internal information was equally limited. Apart from the little information that came out of the annual customer satisfaction survey, most companies did not know what their customers wanted from them. Qualitative research was almost non-existent. Complex databases were seldom used. It’s as if the information age was passing us by here in the Caribbean.

We, and our partners, are working to close this gap. We want to bring awareness to the importance of fact-based decision making. And we want to support organisations brave enough to embrace all of their data.

Our Team

Our team of researchers combine the cutting-edge techniques of academia with practical, problem-solving strategy.

Our Clients

We have worked with a diverse group of clients, from non-profits, governments and public sector entities to multinational organisations, regional corporations and small businesses. We recognise that each individual agency or business is different, and our approach reflects this.

Our Network

We partner with like-minded people and organisations throughout the Caribbean to deepen intelligence available on topics of mutual interest. We have two avenues for partnership.

The first is a group of people and organisations that are specialists in their fields and lend their expertise to our work. A few of the people and organisations we work with are listed below.

Blueprint Creative Inc.

Jael Billy

Simon Naitram

Jeremy Stephen

Olorundo Simmons

The second is the AE Group of Influencers, where we enlist the help of professionals from all industries and functions to provide feedback on and suggest new areas to research.

Initiated in 2014, the AE Group of Influencers is open to anyone that would like to ensure that the topics that they are interested in are researched. For more information about how it works and how to join, click here.