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About Us

Our Story

After almost a decade of independent research, our founders started Antilles Economics at a dining table in 2013 to close a gap they saw in the Caribbean. There was limited research (whether based on internal or external information) that could help organisations make strategic, insight-driven decisions.

From Day 1, we have worked with organisations that share our belief that success comes through the maximisation of insights. Our clients and partners prefer to minimise the unknown when making business decisions. They operate in dynamic markets, and they appreciate that with markets as small as ours, there is little room for error. Insight matters here.


Antilles Economics grows from an idea into a reality. Stacia quits her 9 to 5 to focus on breathing life into our mission to enable insight-based decisions through unearthing and leveraging insights.
In 2014, we land our first corporate client, diversifying our portfolio from its original focus on governments, quasi-government organisations and civil society organisation.
In 2017, we move into our first office (bye bye dining table!) and create our focus group space to facilitate even deeper qualitative insight gathering.

Our Manifesto

To have long-lasting impact in the Caribbean, we must be tailored to the Caribbean. Facilitating insight-driven decisions in this region means: We must offer the right suite of products and services. We must adapt to the special circumstances of small island developing states. We must ensure that our clients achieve tangible results. We must attract and retain the best talent. It’s no easy feat, but we’re up to the challenge.

We must be the change we wish to see.

Our Team

Stacia Howard

is the visionary

Managing Director and


is the professor.
(seriously, he really is.)
Chief Economic Consultant and Co-Founder


handles details…
all of them.

Director – Operations

_MG_5826 cropped


is bilingual (He speaks people and strategy)

Director – Human Resource Strategy


is the finance guru
of the team.


is the roving
problem solver.
Research Associate and GIS Analyst


analyses regional
Economic Advisor

How we’re helping clients

We offer a unique blend of three practices often left separated: economics, business intelligence and strategy. We believe that one cannot be fully appreciated without the others. Insights tend to be uncovered when techniques from all three areas are employed, and decisions tend to be optimised when there is clear understanding of the implications of leveraging these insights.


Economics Consulting
Forecasts & Scenarios
Macro Strategy & Economic Advisory

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Strategy
Intelligence Gathering
Market Data & Reports

Strategy and Analytics

Strategy Consulting
Customised Analytical Support
Geo-spatial Analysis

Client Promise


We know that you want your projects to not only be completed on time and on budget, but also to foster then impact you desire. Our work provides the foundation that you need to achieve that impact.

Add value

We have designed all of our products and services with one goal in mind: to reduce your organisation’s level of risk by enabling insight-driven decisions. Our clients therefore don’t need another box ticker. They need a strategic partner. A team that adds value to their organisation, anticipates their needs and helps them achieve their goals.


No two projects are ever the same, so our solutions are never the same. We adapt and evolve as your projects adapt and evolve, ensuring that we continue to add value every step of the way.

provide expertise

As experienced economists and analysts, we go beyond the traditional siloed approach to consulting and apply our unique combination of techniques and approaches to problem solving. By combining economics, market research and strategy, we glean richer insights, enabling us to craft more relevant recommendations.

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